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 Susan Lyon   2022-09-17 22:57:25 

It was a pleasure meeting you today. I’m a long time admirer of your work.
 Mrs. George Carroll   2022-04-04 09:45:12 

Hello Nick,
I was cleaning out and making room in one of George's 'special storage' shelves and found some of the many beautiful poster/calendars/drawings you did when in Los Angeles.
Sad bit of news, George passed in 2019 after a wonderful life of design, art and of course, cars.  He never lost his sense of style nor his sense of humor and I wanted you to know he loved your work and treasured these pieces all these years.  Art lives on.....and I wish you well and good health
Lynda Carroll
 Deborah Cann Ritts   2020-05-10 13:53:37 

Really interesting drawings.. Very nice
 Ron and Nita Mack   2019-07-15 06:33:25 

Met you and your wife , Peggy, at dinner on the California Zephyr yesterday evening ( July 14) !!
 Michelle   2019-04-16 19:06:00 

Love your work. Just purchased the four season prints from a antique store. They are beautiful. Hope you are still creating beautiful artwork.
I will be treasuring mine for a very long time.
 judy (maher) allen   2016-03-31 09:20:35 

Hi Nick...We attended grade school together, Willow..and then Menlo Oaks, (a short time at Green Oaks...I remember your Mom, was her name Jesse? also your Dad and your little brother.  I had 2 older brother, Tommy Maher, and Steven Fisher (step-brother). We lived on W. O'Conner and Menalto Ave.  My BFF was Linda Waldo and Janice Bassett.
 peter   2015-08-16 16:38:36 

 Jack Leahy   2015-03-20 21:06:00 

Hi Nick!

Steve Kyle just sent a note of his encounter with you. Doing what one loves isn't really work, and it appears to me that you have managed to avoid work all these years. Congrats!

I hope to see you some day - my wife Martha and I live in Sonoma six months per annum, the other six in New Orleans (another great art town). Life is good. Best, Jack
 jackson   2015-01-19 12:10:20 

thank you for coming to my school your the best and please come next year

 Drew and rachel barker   2014-06-21 00:19:30 

It's been great hanging with you and Peggy on this fantastic trip! Love your work too!
 Joanne Conklin   2014-04-04 11:28:49 

Shoes and Bugs love them! Hi Nick this is Aiya's mom, you met us this  past Wednesday. Look forward to many more Wednesday.
  Christiane   2014-01-11 01:35:48 

I had my paintings in there for a few years early on but never sold anything.
Do you make sales from Mesart?

Happy 2014 to you and Peggy & family


 Napa Regional Dance Company, Inc   2013-11-20 21:06:46 

Dearest Nick!

You have sent Napa Regional Dance Company to the next level with all your wonderful designs for our Nutcracker season!  Six years and counting!!! And we can't forget the lovely Alice in Wonderland Collection as well.

Thank you for all you do.

 Julie & Steve Rimell   2013-10-31 06:42:55 

Hi Nick and Peggy,  Hope you enjoyed the rest of your trip!  It was great meeting you two, and I love your web site and your artistic style!  I'm sure you got a lot of inspiration along the way,  know I did!  
 Susan Bakken   2013-09-11 09:29:30 

I just bought a set of prints you may have done.... Mid Century feel of Daphne and Pan?  Just wonder about date of these.  Thank you
 Anne Petersen   2013-02-25 15:11:02 

Hi Nick,
You created the artwork for our set for " A Christmas Carol" over the hill to your west in Sonoma a few years ago. Jim Kent & I contacted you.  It was gorgeous! Someone who remembers your beautiful drawings asked me for your contact info so I sent your website to them. I hope you are still working!
Anne Petersen
 Robert Benech   2012-10-05 22:16:16 

Hello Nick, just thinking about you......
I hope all is well, miss you!
Please call me 209.602.0418
 Andy combe   2012-09-09 09:39:02 

I have youR cubist angel as a tattoo on my back and would like a print or original of it. It's been with me for nearly 5 years but don't get to see it to often on my back :-)
 Michael Looper   2012-08-24 17:29:57 

Nick, not sure if you remmeber me. And when I saw you last, it was yrs. ago, you lived in Sausalito. So.....if your one in the same then this message might make some sence. I have your print of the Palace of Fine Arts and look at it regularly. Just thought I'd say HELL-O! Maybe in the near future I could stop by your studio? in Napa?
Hope your well and happy
Michael looper
 ASHLEY   2012-05-04 08:01:16 

 ASHLEY   2012-05-04 07:54:52 

 ASHLEY   2012-05-04 07:54:49 

 Meg Collins   2012-04-25 20:47:53 

Thank you for visiting my school today! At our "Meet the Masters" program, we rarely learn about living artists, but you were right there, in the flesh! Thank you for taking time out of your day to come visit us. Your art is phenomenal, I couldn't believe how much detail you could put into one picture! Thanks again for the visit.
 Allaire Conte   2012-04-16 00:10:50 

It was a pleasure meeting you and Peggy today at the Phoenix Hotel. Thank you for all of your kind words and advice; you were truly inspirational!

Your work is beautiful, and as inspirational as your words. I hope we can get together sometime in the not too distant future.
 Terry Schumacher   2012-02-29 21:04:29 

Hi Nick (and your lovely wife Peggy)
Chris and I had so much fun meeting the two of you on the Royal Clipper (and at the hotel in Barbados beforehand).  You two are such a lovely couple.  I loved hearing your story of courtship.  It was refreshing to see.
I've looked at your art work here.  You are very talented.
I'm sure we will look the two of you up the next time we make it to the Bay.
Terry Schumacher
 DAN PANCAKE   2011-04-08 08:52:56 

we have a lot to talk about.  I don't think I would even be able to outline my own foot.
 Jim Jones   2011-03-20 08:27:54 

My wife Suzy and I met you in SF about 15 years ago.  We still have prints we got from you.  Real glad you are doing well and still producing.  If you ever come to VA, please let us know.
 Steve Weaver   2010-09-19 08:25:56 

Nick and Julie,

Louann and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you two today, Saturday, September 18, 2010.  Thank you so much for letting us into your home.  We loved our time marveling at the home you have, filled with Nick's amazing handiwork.  As if that weren't enough, we also appreciated hearing about the wonderful adventure Nick is embarking upon by helping kids after school discover their artistic side.  The two of you make a terrific pair!  We'll surely cross paths again.
 marie moretz   2010-06-22 15:58:45 

I discovered one of your artworks today, Virgo- engraved. Signed by, I suppose you,  Nicolas Cann 1969.  It does resemble your style.  It was framed by Livingston Evans Enterprises San Fran and L.A.
I love it! Plus my husband is a Virgo.

Love you work!

 Brian   2010-06-04 21:53:00 

hey nick sup wondering if you gonna come to our school more maybe help my class
 Brian   2010-06-04 21:50:58 

hey nick told you i would go on your website(-: from brian
 Amelia Heitz & Family   2010-02-03 18:57:21 

Hey Nick- your artwork is awesome!  Thanks for being such a fantastic art instructor!
 Criss   2010-01-13 06:44:03 

Great Portfolio Nick, Bravo
When have you join?
Did you get sales from it?
I want to do the same thing but have not put the time yet.

 Rebecca LaSara   2009-11-03 20:44:53 

Hey, Nick, this is looking good.  I like being able to click a button and see you great art :)
 D & D   2009-08-30 14:28:11 

PS.....Denny says Hi
 D & D   2009-08-30 14:25:31 

Are you sure that your intentions were honorable?  Your stuff is even better than it was years ago.  We hope to see you soon or at least in this century.  
D & D
 Tammy Alsterlind   2009-06-11 20:57:30 


Love your website.  I am visiting my friend Suzy (Suzy Ballesteros).  We are going to attend your art showing this weekend.

 Larry Le Francis   2009-05-02 10:43:07 

Way, way cool site, Nick!  You're so surprisingly modern! I want to come back to Napa! NOW!
 Nancy & Rich McRay   2009-04-27 20:05:10 

Hi Nick -- 'Twas fun meeting you and Peggy at Silo's last Saturday.  We'll be in Napa again this weekend.  I (Nancy) collect lady bugs so I want to get a print of your wonderful "lady".  We'll try to connect, okay??
 Deb McGuire   2009-03-22 13:37:34 

I love you daaaaahling!  Your stuff is so cool. Hi Peg!!!
 Chris Castleman   2009-03-18 10:21:12 

I am the current VP of Operations for the Mountain House!  Love your mural on our wall!

 Fran Cahn   2009-03-14 16:08:57 

I love your website Nick!  Your drawings even look beautiful in miniature on my computer screen.  Best of luck to you always - Fran
 Susan Veresh   2009-03-14 15:22:12 

The website is great, Nick!  I would like to mention all the great things you have worked on for me: Embroidery designs for the edges of sheets, and the pockets of bathrobes, the backgrounds for logos for print materials and the many ideas for new woven fabrics. You have such an amazing eye for incredible detail ... I hope we continue to work together for a very long time!


 Suzy Sansom   2009-03-14 11:45:38 

Nice website, Nick!  I wish you much success with it, and I will check out your show at Silo's.
 Lois DeArmond   2009-03-04 20:21:32 

Very nice---Hope you have great success with this.  Lois
 Courtney Garcia   2009-01-09 16:05:39 

Hi Nick,  I love the illustrations on your site.   I'm very excited about your work with my class this year, I can't wait to see the final products.
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